General/Restorative Dentistry

Comprehensive Exam – At your first visit, we will take the time to get to know you and listen to any concerns you may have. A very thorough exam will be completed, so that any potential problems can be detected. If necessary, we will take any radiographs in order to give you a complete picture of your current dental health. We also have a digital intraoral camera and we can take close up pictures of your teeth!

Prophylaxis (cleaning) – If your teeth and gums are relatively healthy, and if it hasn’t been too long since your last visit, a “prophy” is done to clean and polish your teeth so that your smile can look its best!

Panoramic Radiograph – At your first visit (and usually every three to five years thereafter), we will take a panorex. This digital image will show us all of your teeth and supporting structures to confirm that everything is healthy. And because it is digital, the image is ready almost immediately!

Bitewing Radiographs – Although the panorex gives us a great overall view, it is not quite detailed enough to get a good view in between your teeth where cavities can develop, undetectable to the human eye. That’s where bitewing x-rays come in. They are detailed enough to determine if there are any problems where your teeth touch each other.

Scaling and Root Planing (deep cleaning) – If there is any sign of gum disease (periodontitis), a deep cleaning is necessary to treat this infection of the structures that hold your teeth in place. At our office, we take gum disease very seriously as it can have a detrimental effect on not just your teeth, but your overall health as well.

Composite Restorations – If you do have a cavity, don’t worry! Even if the decay from a cavity has progressed, it can usually be treated with a composite filling, which is the same color as your tooth and is bonded in place.

Crowns (caps) – If your tooth is broken down, or decayed past the point of being treated with a filling, a crown may be necessary to restore your tooth back to its normal function. Crowns can be very aesthetic and life-like, even difficult to distinguish from your natural teeth!

Bridges – If you are missing one tooth (or several) a bridge may be the best restorative option for you. It can be fabricated to replace your missing tooth and it stays permanently in place- there is no need to take it in and out of your mouth!

Dentures (full or partial) – If you are missing quite a few of your teeth (or all of them), dentures can be a great way to restore your smile and give you some teeth so that you can enjoy your favorite foods again.

Implant Restoration – Implants are a great way to replace missing teeth. Whether you are missing one tooth, several teeth, or all of your teeth, implants are an option for you! We work with several of the top implant surgeons in the area and use only the top implant systems.

Occlusal Splints (nightguards) – Do you grind or clench your teeth at night (or has your spouse told you that you do?) You may need a custom night guard to protect your teeth at night, where most damage from grinding occurs. We also make splints to help with temporomandibular disorders (TMD).

School Exams – In Illinois, it is required that all children entering Kindergarten, second grade, and fifth grade have a dental exam prior to entering school. We can help! We will even provide you with the necessary forms and documentation. Just ask!