Emergency Dentistry

If you are in pain, or have had a dental accident, we are there for you. We will do our best to see you as soon as possible- in most cases the same day that you call. Dr. Eissens can also be reached after hours via cell phone.

Bonding/Repair – Although it may not be an emergency from a pain aspect, if you have a tooth chip or break the night before an important event, it can certainly feel like one! In some cases, a chipped tooth or crown can be repaired with bonding to get your smile back looking its best.

Root Canal Therapy – If a tooth is hurting (or if the decay is too extensive) a root canal may be necessary to get you feeling better.

Extractions – In some cases, a tooth can be decayed or broken past the point of repair. In that instance, an extraction may be the necessary treatment. Dr. Eissens performs extractions in his office safely and comfortably.